Illustration of Moses parting the Red Sea

We have just finished a seven week preaching series looking at leadership from the example of Moses and some New Testament writers. I was wondering this week what are the main things that we've learnt from this?

Moses, like all leaders was imperfect, but mightily used by God. A man whose impetuous killing of an Egyptian delayed his calling for years. A man who saw the miraculous power of God at work in his life and in the lives of the people of God. A man whose weakness saw him fall at the final hurdle and not make it into the promised land.

It's hard for us to personally to relate to such a major biblical leader as Moses, but there is much to encourage and challenge us from his life. Like Moses, we are imperfect. Like Moses, we are called. Like Moses, God wants to work in and through us. Regardless of whether we are leaders or not, the question is are we willing to be faithful and obedient to whatever God asks of us in our lives and where fruitful, are we going to take the praise ourselves or give the honour and the glory to Him?

The other scriptures we looked at remind us that leadership is a specific spiritual gift, but one to be exercised humbly as a servant, not lording it over people. Christian leadership is different to the world, seen most powerfully where Jesus washed the disciples feet. Yet leaders are called to lead, and churches are asked to submit to Godly authority and leadership so that the leader's work is a joy. We finished by asking how can you support, encourage Stocksfield Baptist Church's leaders so that their service a joy?

Lets praise God that he calls and equips leaders for his church; but remember that he calls each of us to different things. Let us also encourage one another as we ask the Holy Spirit to grow and develop the spiritual gifts he has given us in His service.