House Groups

Jesus worked with a close bunch of 12 disciples, the first Christian small group. The early church then similarly met in small groups in people's houses.  Meeting in small groups like the early church is often the best way of learning more about Jesus, growing in faith and growing as disciples. It's a great place for developing strong relationships with encouragement and support. Our church has a number of "house-groups" which vary in size, time of meeting and flavour. Something for everyone!

To explore which group might work for you, please contact our minister, Pete Jorysz (07809 829594).

House-groups Occurance Time
Monday Morning Ladies House-group Monday - Weekly 10:00am
Monday Evening Ladies House-group Monday - Weekly 8.00pm
Camino missional group Tuesday - Weekly 8.00pm
Prudhoe Evening Mens House-group Wednesday - Weekly 8.30pm
Prudhoe Evening House-group Wednesday - Weekly 7.30-9.30pm
Heddon Evening House-group Wednesday - Weekly 7.45pm
Men's day-time House-group Friday - Weekly 10am-11.30am


Monday Morning Ladies House-group

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We meet at 10 am on a Monday for a couple of hours in the "upper room" in the church building.  We are a group of ladies who love to meet together socially and have the fabulous addition of including a number of Christians from various local churches.  We are all  at different stages of our Christian walk but aim to  study the Bible  together in a relaxed manner so we can encourage each other and help each other along our Christian journey.

(Contact Sheena Anderson for more information)

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Monday Evening Ladies House-group

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The Monday night homegroup is an informal group of women who meet to discuss the Bible and pray. It's a great place to work out what our Christian faith is about and to air questions and ideas. It offers friendship, encouragement and support for the mix of things that each week brings.


We meet weekly, laughing frequently, usually in a home in Stocksfield, Riding Mill or Prudhoe. On the first Monday of the month we meet for a drink at The Wellington, Riding Mill, when we hope that others will join us for a catch up and chat. As several of us have an interest in crafting we've also set up a monthly session on a Saturday afternoon to encourage our interest to which all are free to attend 

(Contact Lizzie Hodgson) for more information)


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Tuesday Morning Men's House Group


This new group started in Autumn 2020 and has a core of 7/8 men who meet faithfully for chat and a short time of bible study. We have focused on the lives of Joseph, Peter and are now looking at the life and adventures of Moses.

We try and relate the adventures of these men to our own situations and make the bible both accessible and relevant.

The group is very mixed in terms of Christian maturity and background and all opinions are welcome and well received.

Our prayer is that many more men, who have the time, would seek to join us for this informal and relaxed gathering.

Come and test the water – and give it a try.

Contact Don HUtton for more information.


Wednesday Evening Men's House-group

Meets every Wednesday night. We are a normal group of guys who meet to have fellowship together, enjoy each others company, share and study Bible thoughts and passages and pray for each other. We also enjoy the odd pint or curry night. All men welcome! 

(Contact Andrew Gate for more information)

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Prudhoe Wednesday Evening House-group

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We meet the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evening of the month in Prudhoe. We aim to be an informal (and fun!!) group that prioritise relationship with God and with each other. Our focus is on what God is saying and doing in our lives and how we support each other's spiritual growth. Like most house-groups we have a mix of Bible studies, prayer and socials and are happy to try anything new! We meet at 7.30pm for tea and coffee with kick off at 8.00pm, finishing about 9.30pm for those who need their beauty sleep!

(Contact Steph Jorysz or Andrew McGowan for further information).


Camino Missional Group

Camino missonal group: A group exloring "the way" of Jesus together. Open to all, espcailly yhso who so not yet fllow Jesus. 

(Contact Paul Revill for more information)

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Heddon on the Wall  Wednesday Evening House-group

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The Heddon House Group meets each Wednesday at 7.45pm at the home of Ken & Fiona Thompson at 27 Valerian Avenue, Heddon-On-The-Wall NE15 0AE.  There are currently 10 members drawn from Prudhoe, Ovingham and Ovington. We either study specific books of the Bible (John’s Gospel over the last year) or follow a DVD series. We always have a time of fellowship and of prayer. We are a group of mature Christians who wish to grow in our faith and witness 

(Contact Bill Clegg or Kevin Frost for more information)

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