Delivering Shoeboxes to Romania - December 2019

Visit by Heather Gate & Lynda Telford to Romania December 2019, to help distribute the shoeboxes.

Sunday was lovely attending two Church services however Monday was  the hardest day, we started with a lovely breakfast but then there was concern because the lorry load with 7000 additional shoe boxes had still not arrived from the UK. it should have been here by Friday however we prayed, and praise be it turned up.

After unloading the lorry we then went into the town to see the children from the centre kindergarten attend a Santa's workshop which they loved.   We went back to the centre, helped the children have lunch and get ready for their afternoon nap before having lunch ourselves. After this we then jumped into the van with 300 boxes to take to the phantom block of flats which is the flats that we showed on the bbc video we showed in church.

When we arrived we were greeted by lots of children running to the van as they realised Christmas had arrived!   The children were really pleased to see us, particularly the workers who had taken some of them on a camp in the summer. I don't think anything could have prepared us for what we saw or smelt which we can only describe as horrific: living conditions, sanitary conditions, raw sewage running along a channel on the floor past people's front doors inside the building, up to 14 people in one room. We came back we came back to the centre and in shock stark contrast so the children from the kindergarten sing some songs and be given their shoe boxes with their parents looking on in delight. 

We then had a relaxing evening  and then Tuesday, in the morning we are going to the local hospice followed by a trip to "my family is near living near a rubbish dump in Deva"