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Posted 01.08.2020

Why not consider fasting & praying for 3 separate days/half days in August?

  • Choose fast day 1 to pray for people and concerns in our church community e.g. People you know of,  work of leadership team, mission.


  • Choose fast day 2 to pray for prodigals.  People who had faith, or those wavering.


  • Choose fast day 3 to pray for persecuted Christians.  (More information to follow).


Mary & Steph will hold a zoom prayer meeting at 7.30pm for 30 minutes every Sunday in August for half an hour to pray with you.  Please use the Sunday Service Zoom link to attend.

Posted 24.07.2020

As you know we have not been able to meet physically in our building since March. The last few months have been really challenging but we are grateful to God for the way that Zoom has helped us to continue to meet; with invaluable help from church folk like Bill Clegg.


We have had two leadership team meetings this month to discuss the longer term issues and impacts from C-19, as well as specific options for gathering again to worship on Sundays as soon as practicable. Kath Power, as property deacon, has been looking at our options as we ease out of lockdown. We have agreed three main things:


1. We are prioritising developing some sort of hybrid service on Sundays in the building. This will be streamed live but with the ability for people to join on-line. This will possibly require new audio/video kit.


2. We are further working up our initial plans for managing social distancing within the building and this will require a full risk assessment, being prepared by Kath.


3. As regards other groups (internal or external) using the building we agreed that we want our plans for Sunday to inform how we might manage the rest of the building. That means it will be some time before we are able to accommodate other internal or external groups and when we do, they will first need to undertake and submit a risk assessment.  


As trustees, the leadership team have a legal, and spiritual/moral responsibility to ensure that all users of the building are safe and also ensure the safety of others by not spreading C-19. We hope that a combination of both practical arrangements and prayer will enable us to open safely. We will provide more details when we have worked this up further but if you have any queries/comments in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Kath Power.


Posted 24.07.2020

Here is the link to our NBA Worship Service for this Sunday. Either click on this link NBA Worship Service 26 July 2020 or

This week taking part are Kang-San Tan the General Director of BMS World Mission, Amy Smith of Durham Baptist Church, Andy Price of Westoe Road Baptist Church in South Shields, Penny Hyde of West View Baptist Church, Elaine Webster, Tony Ruddle, Paul Revill and John Claydon.

In whatever way you worship this weekend may you know Christ's enriching love and power.


Posted 09.07.2020

Just to let you know The gate Church are running a Marriage Course from the same organisation as Alpha. This is easy to follow, study book available, practical and certainly not religious.  Some couples may really enjoy this or those who have plans to marry in the future.

We just require an email. All lessons are via internet or zoom and study book will be available.  More details to follow soon.  Contact Bert Boonstra at

Posted 27.06.2020

A science-faith event update for you.  It is being run online and are provided either free or with a suggestion of a small donation.


Christians in Science 'Southern conference' 2020

There's nothing southern about it this year (it usually refers to the location)

The dates are 10-14 August, with one talk each day at 4pm (panel discussion on the Friday)

Preliminary information is here:

and details will be available soon.  There has been discussion at CiS about how to arrange registration and whether there should be a small fee.

The overall topic is 'God and pandemics'


On the CiS website ( you'll also find information about 'Catch up Tuesday' talks, which are presented live on YouTube and then available later also.

Soaking Evenings (posted 09.06.20)

We missed the opportunity to welcome Andy Douglas to visit in March to do his worship "soaking" evening because of lock-down.

 Andy is now streaming these live every Tuesday night, so for those who would like to unwind, relax and enter the presence of God, please see the invite below.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 924 884 236

Password: Praise


People who have joined us so far have said that they have been able to draw close to God through this time. Most people just turn their cameras off, relax or lie down, listen and draw close as I sing and play relaxing worship. They use the chat to offer prayers or send prayer requests. We prayer for our Churches, the NHS and what's going on...


Prayer Requests (posted 02.06.2020)

Remember to log in to the Members Area for updated Prayer requests.  If you cannot rember your log in name contact Lynne Frost for your log in Name. You can then reset your password on the website.  Lynne does not have access to anyones passwords.


Posted 10.05.2020

Tim Knight is doing the bible in one minute each weekday, mainly for Red Bananas, but open to anyone of any age.  If anyone wants to subscribe to view the other and new videos​ (Bible in a Minute)      ttps://​




Escape to the country!    It's time to think about getting out more! No seriously, despite this interminable lock-down, we are hoping, by the grace of God, to be free to go back to Bassenfell in November. 

 If you would like to join us, then please complete the form  in the Members Area and return it to us, preferably electronically to Cathy, as soon as possible. Places usually go quickly!   

Please note the slight increase in prices: adults are now £90 and bedding is £6.50 whilst the child price is unchanged at £45. 

 Please don't let cost be a problem as we want you to come. The church Treasurer can be very amenable, despite his appearance!

 Payment through BACS is infinitely preferable, but if you can't manage this then a cheque is OK, but please note that the Treasurer may delay banking them until he has a number gathered.


 Sunday gatherings:  Every Sunday morning at 10.00am.  Via Zoom.  All Welcome (posted 04.04.20)    (Meeting ID: 220 557 344)

Mobile call in: 02080806591  

Landline call in: 0203 481 5240, 0208 080 6591,  0208 080 65920330 088 58300131 460 1196 


Posted 3.4.20  Remember to log in to the members area to access the prayer page.  If you cannot remember your user name, contact Lynne.  She will give you the user name and then you can log in like any other website.  If you cannot remember your password, go to "forgot password".  Lynne does  NOT have access to your passwords!

Daily Prayer time 8.30am (posted 31.03.20)

Invitation by St Mary Magdelene's to share with them.  St Mary Mags do not wish the zoom details to be publicised to the plic.  So will add this to the members area only. Do join if you wish and also for Friday morning prayer as usual.

Reflection from Carmen Ward (posted 31.03.20)

Carmen has been thinking (mostly in the middle of the night!!!!) that it would be really nice to have something visula/tangible which we had all contributed to, to remind us of how we got thorugh this "season" (once we are through).  She has wondered if we could put together a collection of worship songs or passages from the bible, or prayers (with comments as to why we have chosen them) and make  some sort of  creative craft work?   If anyone has any ideas they would like to contribute, please send to Carmen or Lynne (email addresses  and phone numbers in the directory, who will co-ordinate the project.  All ideas gratefully received.

Stuck for something to do?  (posted 31.03.2020)

Why not get your creative juices flowing and make/knit items for the shoe boxes.  Hats & scarfs and cuddly animals tc.


Sermon Recordings are all available on the website.


Friday morning prayers for Prudhoe and the Tyne Valley (posted 27/03/20)

I've shared a few times about the encouraging ecumenical prayer group that meets every Friday morning at 8.30 am to pray for Prudhoe and the Tyne valley. This is now meeitng on-line via Zoom, coordinated by Paul Revill. If you are now at home on Friday mornings and would like to join us, pass your email adress to Paul and he'll put you on the circulation list!



Call to fast (posted 20/03/20)

We are encouraging as many of our people as possible to fast for one day next week from food and drink (bar water). This is a sacrificial act to seek the Lord together in challenging times and seek a move of His Spirit to defeat this virus.

Poem by Debby Henderson (posted 19/03/20)

Debby felt this was inspired by the Lord and is posted here to encourage us!

A Pandemic has hit our lands,
People are worried, Scarred with fear,
Many will die, the pain of loved ones so dear.

But amidst the darkness a light appears!

Can we see the Love of all he teaches?
The beauty as he lingers near.
The world must change!
Love must be pure!
Our lives belong to him.

Death is but a new beginning
to be with the Lord above.
Our destiny from birth
If we live his truth.


First News Item (posted 18/03/020)


Please see the Church Policies Page for updated Covid-19 Communication 17.03.2020. We will be adding much more news over the coming days.

We want to keep all channels of communication open in this difficult time and Pete is in numerous discucussions on how we can use Skype, Zoom etc to meet together while social distancing at home!  More information will be released as decisions are made and prayerfully considered.

We are setting up a prayer page in the members area with info on members of our congregation with the Covoid-19 virus or other significant illnesses. For obvious reasons this cannot be on the public part of the site, but will enable all of us to pray for each other (if you have forgotten your log In details, Lynne can give you your Username so you can reset your password on the front page of the website).

When self-isolating or social distancing it is good to have a strategy for each day, and not give in to binge watching Netflix!  This is an opportunity to use our time well and invest in our spiritual lives. Some ideas:

1. Invest in God's Word and your Prayer life.

2. Telephone people (yes old fashioned, but is is good to hear people's voices).

3. Have a daily routine and put structure in to your life

4. Incorporate a daily walk to keep fit and get fresh air.  (Keeping away from other people of course)

5. Use Social Media to honour God and see who we can reach out to in this time.  We see many photos of empty shelves and false news, so  let us flood social media with photos which show good things and news that may be balm to the soul.