Worship band at Stocksfield Baptist Church

Stocksfield Baptist Church meets every Sunday at 10am (with very few exceptions).  Our worship is lively using a mix of modern and traditional songs, preaching and teaching from God's word, and fellowship with the church.

  • Sung worship comprises a mix of modern worship music with older songs and hymns from a small band (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums and sometimes strings/wind instruments). We like creativity and the use of different media.
  • Preaching and teaching styles aim to apply the unchanging truths and principles of the Bible to the challenges and complexities of 21st century living.
  • Sharing testimony encourages one another with what God is doing in and through our lives.
  • Topical issues such as social justice or the environment are included along with prayer for our partnership working with organisations such as Christians Against Poverty (CAP) and Open Doors.
  • Communion and baptism are valued and celebrated regularly.
  • Spiritual gifts such as prophecy, words of knowledge and praying for healing are actively encouraged; we create space for people to share what God might be saying.
  • Young people have a full programme of teaching and activities every week, plus creche.

Connect Services

'Connect' is the name of our monthly gathering where all ages come together for the whole service. We hope that Connect helps us engage with God and each other; they are all very different and led by different people! Come along, join us and see for yourself.